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Middleburgh NY Rotary, a small history:

Since the formation of the Middleburgh Rotary Club in 1940, its members have been an active participant in the community. From organizing a Christmas basket program for the less fortunate in their first year to purchasing poinsettias for elderly shut-ins today, Rotarians have long led by the example of placing “Service Above Self” in Middleburgh.

Although it would be easier to list the community projects that Rotarians have not taken a role in since 1940, the following is just a small example of what the Middleburgh Rotary Club has been involved with over the past seventy-eight years:

  • Construction and placement of an honor roll of those serving in the armed forces from our area in 1942.
  • Organized and sponsored a student loan program for college students from Middleburgh Central School for nearly twenty years.
  • Assisted in the fundraising and construction of a community swimming pool in 1965. The club has further assisted in the maintenance of the pool ever since.
  • Raised funds for the repair of the tennis courts located at the school in 1977. Members of the club performed much of the initial physical labor to prepare the courts for resurfacing.
  • Raised funds for the purchase of the “Jaws of Life” equipment for the Middleburgh Fire Department in 1981-82. The club exceeded their original fundraising goal and were able to purchase additional equipment for the department.
  • Participated in the fundraising and construction of a neighborhood playground on the Elementary School property in 1988. The club would later help to fundraise for the Kindergarten playground on school property in 1996.

As mentioned previously, the aforementioned list is but a small example of Rotary’s many deeds in the community. One has to look no further than the skating rink, memorial park, gazebo, clock, or other local landmarks to see the lasting presence of the club’s benevolence. Furthermore, the club’s continued participation in organizing the Memorial Day Ceremony, Arts & Crafts Festival, Harvest Day Parade, Sloughter 5K, and Canoe Regatta, whilst assisting in numerous other community activities and untold acts of public service, has altogether helped to create a stronger, unified home for all in Middleburgh.

Vicki Hoerz, who is a long-time member of the Middleburgh Rotary Club and is currently serving as the club’s President, said that “The Middleburgh Rotary Club is an organization that works hard to promote youth leaders, fellowship, community service, integrity and goodwill.” “It is so nice to get together and share ideas, join leaders and take action to make lasting changes here in Middleburgh,” continued Ms. Hoerz.

If you are interested in learning more about your local Rotary Club or joining its ranks as a fellow Rotarian, make sure to reach out to a member and ask how you can become more involved. The Middleburgh Rotary Club meets at Mrs. K’s in the Village of Middleburgh every Thursday night at 6pm.

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